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Acoustic Barriers

An acoustic barrier (also called a noise barrier, acoustic fence, sound wall or sound barrier) is widely used for the reduction of noise. Although acoustic barriers or fences are not sound proof, the do an excellent job a noise reduction by absorbing sound vibrations.

Acoustic Barriers can be used in a residential setting (so you no longer have to hear your neighbours brushing their teeth) and also for commercial purposes like blocking road or industrial noise. Acoustic barriers can reduce noise dramatically using a variety of materials, including timber and steel.

Why use an Acoustic Barrier?

  • Excellent Acoustic Performance – Acoustic barriers are fantastic at reducing noise.
  • Extremely durable – Due to the way in which they are solidly constructed, these fences typically have a very long life.
  • Suits indoor and outdoor applications – Depending on the acoustic fence to be used, it can be used inside factories and noisy buildings or outside to prevent sound from building sites or busy highways.
  • Adaptable – Can be built from a number of materials in a number of styles to fit in with the existing environment.
  • Small Home Blocks – More and more homes are being built on small blocks and that means closer neighbours.

Acoustic barriers visually compliment the landscaping and aesthetics of your home.

We can advise on the most appropriate acoustic barriers for you, including the height and type to best fit your property and surroundings.

Kilcoy Petrol Station Acoustic Fence on 4m Wall

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Types of Acoustic Barriers

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