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Curtis Island, Gladstone

Curtis Island Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fencing at Curtis Island, Gladstone Curtis Island coal loading facility fencing With the huge mining and liquefied natural gas developments happening in the area, Curtis Island required a lot of heavy duty high security fencing. Fencescape Fencing Gladstone constructed the fences out of galvanised chainwire and were constructed primarily to enforce high security. Photo…

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Timber Fences in Tannum Sands and Calliope, Gladstone

Pool compliant timber fence Southport Queensland

Timber Fences in Tannum Sands and Calliope, Gladstone Fencescape Fencing Gladstone is always busy with their timber fences in the Gladstone area. Timber Fence in Tannum Sands, QLD This timber fence is built to be a feature fence around the back yard. The fence has a timber sleeper base for a little extra appeal as…

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Wiggins Island Chainwire Fencing

Wiggins Island Fence Gladstone

Wiggins Island, Yarwun Chainwire Fencing Gladstone Fencescape Fencing Gladstones new large fencing project at Yarwun, Gladstone. The chainwire link fence is an 1800mm High green PVC fence. The chainwire on the fence is barb tipped and has three rows of barbed wire along the top of the cranked posts. This is to ensure high security…

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Mount Miller Chainwire Fence Gladstone

Mount Miller Chainwire Fence

Chainwire Fencing at Mount Miller

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Pine timber fences at Gladstone

Clinton Gladstone

Over the past days Fencescape Fencing has built many new fences. Here are two fences recently built in Gladstone. Timber fence at Clinton, Gladstone There was an existing fence here however it was falling apart and mouldy. Fencescape Gladstone dismantled the old palings from the fence and was able to use the existing gate frame…

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Brookview Estate – Glen Eden Gladstone

Brookview Estate Glen Eden Gladstone. weldmesh fence

Weldmesh Fence at Brookview Estate – Glen Eden, Gladstone

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Gladstone Water Board

Gladstone Gate

Gladstone Area Yarwun Water Board

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