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Dog Fences

Homes with a family pet often need a fence to keep them in. However, lots of people also fence to keep other pets out. Dogs vary in size, nature, aggression and ‘escape-ability’, so the type of dog fence you need will depend on all these factors.

With a dog fence, you do not need to use a dog collar on a lead to restrain your pet in your yard as a dog fence is perfect for letting your pet run around freely as well as keeping your pet safe and enclosed in your yard. A dog fence is also unobtrusive and sturdy. For dogs that are prone to dig or jump the fence, we have a number of dog fence options to suit your needs. Pet fencing can cover anything from a suburban house block up to thousands of acres.

Dog wire Fencing

Dog wire fencing is a popular style of fence for your dog that is constructed using a cleverly designed manufacturing technique. This type of dog fence has larger gaps at the top and gradually smaller gaps towards the bottom. This wire comes in a variety of sizes to cater for pets of all kinds and is often coupled with timber posts and rails to ensure a strong and sturdy enclosure for your dog making sure your pet is safe.

Whatever the animal fencing need, Fencescape can come up with a solution that best fits you.

Types of Dog Fences

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