Types of Fences

Acoustic Barrier Fencing

An acoustic barrier (also called a noise barrier, acoustic fence, sound wall or sound barrier) is widely used for the reduction of noise. Although acoustic barriers or fences are not sound proof, they do an excellent job a noise reduction by absorbing sound vibrations.

Acoustic fence with 150x100 steel posts
chainwire dog fence

Chainwire Fencing

A chainwire fence (also referred to by a number of other names such as wire netting, wire fence, wire-mesh fence, chain link fencing, cyclone fence or diamond-mesh fence) is a type of woven fence which is usually made from galvanized steel wire. The fence can also include a green or black coloured PVC coating.

Animal incl Dog Fences

Homes with a family pet often need a fence to keep them in. However, lots of people also fence to keep other pets out. Dogs vary in size, nature, aggression and ‘escape-ability’, so the type of dog fence you need will depend on all these factors.

Dog Fence with top rail
Midnight Sky Colorbond

Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond® fences (also referred incorrectly by the names of Colourbond, Colour bond or Color bond) are being used more and more due to their long life and sharp, neat and clean cut finish. Colorbond fences are perfect for any area where you need solid, worry-free and low maintenance fencing.

Wildlife Fencing

Wildlife fences are constructed to protect native wildlife such as kangaroos, wallabies, frogs, koalas, bandicoots, snakes and birds. Our Fauna Friendly Fencing is becoming increasingly popular around new developments that adjoin or surround wildlife corridors.

Wildlife Frog Fencing
Dog Fence with top rail

Dog Fences

Homes with a family pet often need a fence to keep them in. However, lots of people also fence to keep other pets out. Dogs vary in size, nature, aggression and ‘escape-ability’, so the type of dog fence you need will depend on all these factors.

Feature Fences

Feature fences are specifically designed to make a statement and enhance your property by giving your house a point of difference. Mixtures of colours and types of materials can be creatively combined to make a great statement and also to add value to your home. Each of our feature fences are custom designed to satisfy your unique requirements. We can build any design for your property, the possibilities are endless.

Federation Feature Fence Painted
Double Gates with Doggie Bars


A gate is a point of entry to an enclosed space and is usually attached to a fence. Gates also usually match the design of your fence, but can be redesigned as a standalone feature. Gates can be sliding, swing, electric or bi-fold and come in many materials, colours, and designs. Gates are built using a number of different materials, Some of the types of gates we supply and install include timber gates, glass gates, Aluminium gates, iron and steel metal gates as well as electronic automatic sliding gates.

Modular Fencing

Modular Fencing is an Acoustic Barrier that is certainly becoming the way of the future. House blocks are becoming smaller and smaller and therefore noise from neighbours are a big issue. Traditional timber and Colorbond will help but does not come near the acoustic qualities of modular wall systems. In addition, the modular fence is sleek and neat, which can be painted, textured or rendered.

Terrawall Modular Fence and Glass Pool Fence

Pool Fencing

Fencing your pool is required by law. The regulation surrounding pool fencing has very specific requirements. While it is a necessity, it can also be used to enhance the pool area – why not opt to do something nice with it? Think about whether you want your pool fence to be a feature or just blend into the background. We can construct your pool fence to suit your needs – even on the smallest budget. We have up to date advice on Council requirements and can advise you on style, colour, and alternatives.

PVC Fences

PVC Fencing is a very exciting new product that is rapidly growing in popularity. We are receiving more and more enquiries from the public, building companies, councils etc to install PVC fences. When it comes to ongoing maintenance it is impossible to ignore PVC as it comes with a minimum 30 year warranty, never requires painting, won’t rot or rust, won’t splinter, impervious to termites, requires no nails, enviro-friendly and non toxic.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a fencing structure designed and constructed to resist the sidewards pressure of soil. It is used when there is a need to change the ground elevation and stops damage of property and injury of people by preventing the land from falling away.

Security Fencing

Security fencing is generally made out of steel or aluminium for superior strength. These fences are designed to keep intruders out and can come with barbed wire or spiked tops for extra security.

Chainwire Security Cranked Post and Barbs
Corro with Timber base posts slats

Paling Timber Fencing

Paling timber fences are one of the most popular styles of fencing due to their long life and value for money. The timber fence is Australia’s most loved and most used type of fence. A standard paling timber fence provides privacy and easily blends in with your surrounds. Sometimes referred to as wooden fencing, we can build the fence as tall as 2.4metres high.

Rural and Acreage Fencing

Rural and Acreage fences are often used as an economical means of fencing in livestock. Used to fence both large-scale farms and small acreage blocks, and may also be used to bring a rural look to a town block.

Rural Twin Rail with 2 Barbed Wires
Bremer State High School Fencing

School Fencing

Fencescape has built fences and gates for a number of schools throughout Australia. We build many different types of fences, gates and retaining walls. These types of fences include: Security, Chainwire and Feature fencing. By fencing a school, it will provide safety to all students by keeping the students in and the unwanted public out.

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