Colorbond Fences in Gold Coast QLD and Helensvale QLD

The Fencescape Fencing team at Gold Coast North are now expert installers of Colorbond fencing, having now installed the fencing in many homes. Colorbond fencing works well in the majority of homes as it comes in many colours and styles allowing it to blend with any house. The strong and secure fencing is a great choice if you are looking to add extra security around your home, and privacy if you so wish.

Gold Coast, Queensland Colorbond Fence

Built by the Gold Coast North team, this Colorbond fence was built to replace an old damaged timber fence. The colours were specifically chosen so as to go with the house and blend with its surroundings. The residents also requested that a lattice top be added to gain a little extra privacy.

Helensvale, Queensland Colorbond Fence

Residents had this Colorbond fence built to replace a rotting old timber fence. The infill sheets are slate grey in colour with the posts being black for an different aesthetic look. The panels down the side were cut on an angle to follow the slope of the ground and minimise gaps under the fence. Overall creating a strong, aesthetically pleasing fence for both residents.

Fences Built By:
Fencescape Fencing Gold Coast North
Gold Coast, Queensland and Helensvale, Queensland 
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