Glass pool fencing in Morayfield and Caboolture Queensland

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Frameless Glass Fence

Glass pool fencing in Morayfield and Caboolture Queensland

Fencescape Fencing Moreton has been busy building a number of glass and aluminium pool fences in Morayfield and Caboolture. The new pool fences replaced old unsafe non-compliant pool fences.

Frameless Glass Pool Fence in Morayfield 4506

This is a sturdy pool fence constructed from 12mm thick glass. It does not have a frame around it and relies on the 2205 high stainless steel mini posts to hold it up.

The pool fence required a gate for people to get in and out of. The gate is made from 8mm thick frame-less glass and has pool compliant hinges to match. The reason why this fence was replaced was because the previous fence did not pass pool safety requirements. The owners also want to enjoy the landscape a bit more so they chose to use frameless glass.

This fence also features two large counter levered panels on top of the glass fence off the end of retaining wall for saftey and to ensure compliance.

Semi Frameless Glass and Aluminium Pool Panels in Caboolture QLD 4510

This is a semi frameless glass fence and also incorporates aluminium pool panels on the neighbours side. This is to help reduce costs and glass is not really needed when it is going up against the dividing fence. The glass is used to “open up” the inside of the pool from outside the pool.
There is an 8mm frameless glass pool fence with pool compliant hinges attached for access.

Since having the new pool installed built, it required a shiny new pool fence to match. aluminium down 1 side to help reduce costs.

This was the first pool fence built by Fencescape Moreton since opening up as a fencing franchise.

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