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Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a fencing structure designed and constructed to resist the sidewards pressure of soil. It is used when there is a need to change the ground elevation and stops damage of property and injury of people by preventing the land from falling away.

There are different retaining walls used for different applications. Our most popular type of retaining wall is the the masonry block wall and the timber sleeper retaining wall. All Fencescape Fencing retaining walls are constructed with the highest of quality materials and adequate subsoil drainage is ensured as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Retaining walls are generally constructed with timber or masonry. They can be built up to 1 metre high before requiring engineer’s drawings. When the design has been completed, we can build it to the specifications.

Sleeper Retaining Walls

By far the most requested type of retaining wall to be built. Either treated pine or hardwood timber sleepers are used to construct the retaining wall.
It is important to address drainage behind the wall to ensure its longevity by enabling water to drain away. Have a look at the gallery below to see some sleeper retaining walls.

Retaining Walls Gallery

Have a look through the retaining wall images below. Click an image to view the larger retaining walls photo gallery.