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Rural and Acreage Fencing

Rural and Acreage fences are often used as an economical means of fencing in livestock. They can be used to fence both large-scale farms and small acreage blocks and may also be used to bring a rural look to a town block.
Different Rural Fences
Fences are usually used to control the movement of animals, people and vehicles.
A rural fence can indicate a property boundary, used for Livestock control as well as preventing access to people or animals.
There are many types of rural and acreage fences for different situations. These include:

  • Barbed wire fence: Barbed wire can help in containing animals such as cattle. Sometimes barbed wire is used as well as plain wire in a fence.
  • Woven wire fence: Some animals such as pigs and dogs will not be contained by barbed wire alone. Hinged joint wire is a type of woven wire with large openings. They are often used in combination with barbed wire.
  • Post and rail fence: Combinations of wooden posts and rails with wire strands makes this an effective fence for stock, especially horses.
  • Plain wire fence: These fences are common in rural areas and are cheaper than other types of rural fence. The number of wire strands and height depend on the reason for the fence. It is an option for these fences to be electric.

Different livestock require very different fences, including cattle, horses, sheep, alpacas, llamas and goats. We can provide you with advice on the most appropriate style and designed rural fence.

Rural and Acreage Fencing Gallery

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