Galvanised Dingomesh Wire Roll


Dingo Wire is the perfect material for creating strong animal fences. You can keep your animals in and unwanted animals out.

13-115-15 hinged joint wire with 2mm wire.

Pickup from Fencescape Fencing Warehouse at Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast. Delivery is extra but is available Australia wide.

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13-115-15 hinged joint wire.

Galvanised Dingomesh wire is suitable for dog fencing. It is fantastic at keeping your family pets in as well as keeping wild dogs out.
The dingo fence is 13-115-15 which means it is 115cm high with 13mm line wires. The spacing between the stay wires is 15cm. The tight knot is placed at each wire cross to prevent movement between both the vertical and horizontal wires. This means that the fence is a super strong dog fence and can be used for almost any animal requirements. The roll is 100 metres long and the wire is 2mm thick.

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