Timber Fencing

One of the most popular styles of fencing due to its long life and value for money

Timber fences

Australians love timber fencing – they’re really the most common style of fencing for homes and businesses alike. Also referred to as a wooden fence or picket fence, a timber fence is extremely versatile, suitable for all conditions – it can be used as feature fences, good neighbour fences and commercial fences.

The best part about this type of fencing is that it can complement any type of home design.  Picket fences are ideal for traditional and federation style houses. For more contemporary homes, there are many simple and easy ways to add a creative element to a timber picket fence without substantially increasing the cost. We always plane the edges of the timber for a neat and professional finish.

Good Neighbour Timber - Painted White

Why use a timber fence?

Excellent acoustic performance

Acoustic barriers are fantastic at reducing noise.

Environmentally friendly timber

We proudly use sustainable plantation timbers in the vast majority of our fences.


A standard timber paling fence provides privacy while still complementing your surroundings.


Timber fence panels are great for difficult sloping areas.

Paling Timber Fencing Gallery

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