Chainwire Fencing

A popular choice for both residential and commercial properties

Chainwire Fencing

This method of fencing has stood the test of time and continues to be very popular. A chainwire fence (also referred to by a number of other names such as chain mesh fencing, chain link fencing, wire-mesh fence, wire netting, wire fence, cyclone fence or diamond-mesh fence) is a type of woven fence which is usually made from galvanized steel wire. Chainwire fences commonly come with a green or black coloured PVC coating. 

The wires run vertically but are bent and linked in a zig-zag, forming the diamond pattern seen in this type of fence.

Chainwire Galvanised Fence
Chainwire Galvanised Fence

Why Chainwire Fencing


Prevent unwanted animals and people from entering or exiting.

Low Maintenance

Highly durable and can withstand rugged conditions.


Extensions can be added to the fence whilst maintaining the existing style.

Highly flexible

Chainwire fences can easily be fitted around existing building fixtures.

PVC coated

As well as being galvanised, chainwire is also available with a black or green PVC coating to blend with the environment.

Chainwire characteristics 

When choosing a chainwire fence, there are three attributes that you must be aware of. These are:

  • Diamond size: This is the size of the link holes. The standard diamond sizes have a pitch of 60 and 50 but the diamond size can range from a pitch of 25 to a pitch of 100.
  • Top and bottom (selvedge) finish: A chainwire fence can either be finished with a smooth or barbed end depending on its purpose.
  • Wire thickness: There is light and heavy chainwire. Wire with a heavy thickness is stronger and more durable.

Chainwire PVC 2100high
Chainwire PVC 2100high

Chainwire Fencing Applications

You’ll often see chainwire employed to fence:

Since you can see through a chainwire fence, it is unobstrusive and will maintain a feeling of openness and space. PVC coated black chainwire is now very fashionable and looks great in a residential setting. To set the look of the fence off, add a top and bottom rail.

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