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Fencescape Commercial Fencing has delivered a huge range of fences for commercial projects over the last 12 years. Design and construct jobs are delivered by our very experienced team to provide the best solution.

Engineered retainer walls, acoustic barriers, handrails and high security fences are completed to specification by our talented installers under the careful watch of our supervisors.

Commercial fencing relates to properties that have whole range of commercial uses. The fencing details are mostly engineered with specific materials to be used, concrete strength, footing depth, guage of steel, etc.

Fencing around these properties varies greatly depending on the desired outcomes for the client. We can supply ideas and advice on what might be suitable and can then design if necessary and construct.

Schools have a pressing need to protect their children from human or animal intruders as the risk increases each year. Steel heavy duty fencing 2.1m high is now being used as schools look 20 years ahead with risk management.

Airports are completely off limits to humans and larger animals and therefore the fencing has to be heavy duty, tall and often includes razor wire. The bottom of the fence has to be buried mostly into a concrete mowing strip to ensure nothing can dig under. 

Other Government or private facilities like Power Stations, depots, water infrastructure, Police stations, Ambulance stations, Telecommunication towers, etc must all be protected from vandalism as sometimes they are very isolated. 

Thought has to be given to the visual appearance of the fence when they are in highly populated areas where visual amenity matters. We can help with advice on how to get this mix correct.

Major transport infrastructure now requires fencing to stop humans however more importantly its primary role is to stop animals and in particular endangered ones being run over and killed. Koalas, frogs, quolls, etc all require non climb fences of varying designs to keep them safe. Once again we can advise on the most suitable fence.

Rail networks have to be fenced where they run through towns and other populated areas predominantly to keep humans off the tracks. Chainwire is used along the rail lines and heavy duty steel panels on and around station platforms to keep commuters safe. 

Acoustic fencing is very common for commercial properties where noise emanating from the property has to be controlled or the building occupants need noise reduced coming into the property. This is generally from major road or rail networks. Acoustic engineers measure the sound and then make recommendations on the type and thickness of fence material that will achieve the required noise reduction.

Whether it be railway stations, port facilities, power stations, new schools, major subdivisions, new roads, airports, industrial buildings, environmental reserves or security fencing for your commercial premises, we have the expertise to deliver your project.

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Fencescape Fencing specialise in all kinds of commercial barriers and commercial fencing.
Some of the Commercial fencing we have built for include: warehouses and depots, schools, Government buildings and industrial sites. All commercial fences are designed and built specifically from the requirements of the new fence owner.

School Fences
A large number of fencing solutions have been made for schools all around Queensland. We have built many different types of school fences, gates and retaining walls. Have a look at some of our recent school fences we have built.