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A gate is a point of entry to an enclosed space and is usually attached to a fence. Gates also usually match the design of your fence, but can be redesigned as a standalone feature. Gates can be sliding, swing, electric or bi-fold and come in many materials, colours, and designs.

Gates are built using a number of different materials, Some of the types of gates we supply and install include timber gates, glass gates, Aluminium gates, iron and steel metal gates as well as electronic automatic sliding gates.

Gates provide an important extra layer of security for your home or commercial building, effectively acting as a deterrent to burglary or theft – especially gates with a lock or electronic sliding gates.

Wooden Gates
Our timber gates (or commonly referred to as wooden gates) are built to match the style of the timber fence that it is usually attached to. The timber gate generally comes in sizes to match the height of the fence but can be designed, fabricated and installed to your requirements.
Some of the common types of timber used are Balau and a pine timber. The timber can be running horizontally or vertically along the gate.

Glass Gates
A glass gate coupled with a glass fence is a fantastic way to open up an enclosure and will make the area look bigger than it actually is. Glass pool gates are commonly used around pools and balcony’s that have a great view. Glass gates come in different thicknesses and the frame of the gate can vary depending on the desired design. You can choose from framed, semi framed or frameless gates. A Magna latch and glass gate hinges are attached to the gate.

Metal Gates including Steel and Iron gates
Gates can be made from a number of different metals including steel and iron. They can be styled to add an element of modern sophistication to your home. Not only do steel and iron gates add security and style but they add immeasurable value to the value of your property.
Steel Gates are often used with chainwire fences and wrought iron gates a generally solid and matches your feature fence.

Aluminium Gates
Aluminium Gates are among the most common types of gates and also one of the most preferred. These gates are lightweight and durable and can be a number of different colours. Not only are Aluminium gates perfect for pool fences, they are also widely used in commercial and residential estates.
Aluminium gates can be built to match the existing colour and style of your property, is highly resistant to corrosion and requires very little maintenance making it the perfect choice for a gate.

Electronic Automatic Sliding Gates
Electronic automated gates are becoming more popular and compliment a modern lifestyle.
Our remote control gates are extremely convenient to use and eliminates the need to get out and back into your vehicle when opening or closing the gate. An automatic gate automatically adds prestige and value to your home.

Sliding automated gates also save space by removing the need to have space for a swinging gate to open. For easy integration, we can arrange your garage roller door remote to also open your electric gate.

Getting your gate built

Fencescape Fencing supplies and installs all types of gates. We will work with your to come up with gate that suits your needs, design and budget. Contact Fencescape Fencing today to get your next gate built. Alternatively you can visit our Fencing Warehouse for all your gate and fencing supplies Including everything you need to build your own gate such as: complete gates, frames, hinges and screws.

Gates Gallery

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