Timber Fences in Tannum Sands and Calliope, Gladstone

Fencescape Fencing Gladstone is always busy with their timber fences in the Gladstone area.

Timber Fence in Tannum Sands, QLD

This timber fence is built to be a feature fence around the back yard. The fence has a timber sleeper base for a little extra appeal as well as to keep the dogs in. Sleeper bases help prevent dogs digging under the fence and also raises the fence up that slight amount higher to ensure the dogs will not be able to get out.
The timber fence comprises of exposed hardwood posts, a sleeper base and vertical pine timber palings.

Timber Fence in Calliope, QLD

This fence is very similar to the Timber fence built in Calliope. It does have some extra additions including pine lapped, capped and butted. The paling’s are on one side and the posts and rails are on the other side. Paling’s are over lapped to provide good privacy.
This fence replaced an existing block wall to ensure the yard is pool compliant. To ensure pool compliance, Gladstone had to use pool safe rail heights and a 50mm cap to ensure both sides had at least 1800mm of height.
The fence is also a dividing fence which means that the fence separates two properties against each other.

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Fencescape Fencing Gladstone
Tannum Sands, Gladstone, Queensland and Calliope, Gladstone, Queensland
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