Dog fencing in Burpengary and Beerburrum Queensland

Fencescape Fencing Moreton is helping keep dogs safe and locked up in the Moreton Bay region.

Dog Fence in Burpengary QLD 4505

This is a fence built for keeping dogs in your yard whilst also providing minimal visibility loss to further outside the yard. The fence has a rail on the top to keep the fence from being pulled down and a bottom sleeper to help prevent the dog from digging its way out from underneath.

There is one standard farm gate attached to the fence for accessibility into the yard. The fence was built because the owners gave in to their children to get a new dog.

Dog Fence in Beerburrum QLD 4517

This is a simple dog fence. It has a top rail to prevent animals from pushing it down as well as a bottom 3.15mm double line wire. The wire is an affordable alternative to the the bottom sleeper and is used to help keep the dogs in one side of the fence.

The fence was built in a new housing estate for the Landscape Construction Company.

The fence is beautiful, but not as nice as the back drop.

Fences Built By:
Fencescape Fencing Moreton
Burpengary and Beerburrum Queensland
Type of Fence:
Dog Fence