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Wallmark Acoustic Fencing

Wallmark Modular FencingWallmark fencing is a type of modular acoustic fence and noise barrier that is used throughout residential, commercial and industrial projects. Wallmark acoustic fences are designed and suited for the Australian environment.
The range of Wallmark acoustic fences that we build that are both stylish and economical.
Wallmark fences are made from quality materials and do not take long to install.
Wallmark offers a truly cost-effective alternative to expensive rendered block wall systems, without compromising aesthetics

Wallmark Panels

Wallmark Panels are constructed from an Expanded Polystyrene core surrounded by a very strong composite combination of Fibre Cement sheeting. These properties create excellent sound deadening properties.
The panel has many features which make Wallmark acoustic fencing a very attractive fence choice.
Some of the panel features:

  • The panel core has a patented anti-termite additive to prevent termites.
  • Absorbs minimal water so there is no mould or rotting.
  • The panel is flame resistant, non-combustable and treated with fire retardant which has an Ignite and Flame index of 0.
  • It is environmentally friendly, safe and fully recyclable.
  • Maintenance free and has a smooth finish making it easy to apply paint or render.

Wallmark Acoustic Fencing Gallery

The Wallmark Modular Acoustic Fence Gallery is coming soon, please contact us for more information Ph 1300 582 433