New Fence Check List

“I need a fence but where do I start?” We suggest you consider the following questions when deciding on what type of fence you may require.

  1. What is the purpose of the fence?
    Better privacy, noise reduction, more security, a nicer look, keeping children safe, or pets in.
  2. What height does it need to be?
    Standard fence heights are 1200mm and 1800mm. Non-standard fence heights are generally 2000mm and above.
  3. What fence material would look best with my house?
    E.g. Timber, Colorbond, glass, pool fencing.
  4. What colours go best with my house?
    Ask yourself, is the fence to going to blend into the landscape or be a feature of your property.
  5. Do I need to keep animals in or out?
    Remember to also consider the fence height to keep strays in or out. Click to see more on wildlife and dog fences.
  6. Does it need to reduce noise?
    With the options available, acoustic fencing can not only reduce noise, but look great too.
  7. Does my neighbour need to be included?
    If you share a common boundary, you may be interested to learn more about the Dividing Fences Legislation here.
  8. Are there any obstacles to the fence line?
    E.g. Trees, garden sheds, boulders.

See our most Frequently Asked Questions here.

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