Fencescape Fencing Gold Coast North completes Colorbond Fences in Labrador and Runaway on the Gold Coast

Fencescape Fencing Gold Coast North has recently built a number of Colorbond fences in the North Gold Coast Area of Labrador and Runaway.

Colorbond fence in Labrador, Gold Coast 4215, QLD

Gold Coast North have been very busy in Labrador building a number of Colorbond fences. The fences were built to replace existing old timber fences that were in need of replacement. The fences now provide a modern look and feel as well as providing privacy from the neighbours.
One of the Colorbond fences has a 200mm sleeper base which helps retain the ground from the owners side. The sleeper also adds a greater aesthetic look to the fence and allows the fence to reach a height of two metres for greater privacy.

Colorbond Fence in Runaway, Gold coast 4216, QLD

Gold Coast North has also built a number of Colorbond fences in Runaway. Runaway is just south of Labrador and just as busy as Labrador for Colorbond fences. The specific Colorbond fence that we built has additional aesthetic appeal because a lattice top was added to it. This criss-cross pattern helps add privacy to the fence by adding additional height yet is enough to still see through the top of the fence. The fence is a wonderful addition to the yard as it replaced an old timber fence which now provides a lot more privacy. Not to mention that the fence looks much better than the old timber fence.

Fences Built By:
Fencescape Fencing Gold Coast North
Labrador, Gold Coast, Queensland and Runaway, Gold Coast Queensland
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