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Chain wire fencing is ideal for a range of fencing projects and is suitable for both commercial and residential use. We’ve got a great selection of wire fencing supplies, please choose from our rolls of tie wire, plain wire, helicoil wire and barbed wire.


Product specifications:

  • 1.57mm Tie Wire roll - 250m
  • 1.57mm Tie Wire roll - 500m
  • 3.15mm Plain Wire roll - 250m
  • 3.15mm Plain Wire roll - 750m
  • 4.00 mm Helicoil Wire roll - 250m
  • 1.57mm Barbed wire roll - 500m

What is it made from?

  • All galvanised for durability

How does it work?

  • For chainwire fence construction, this wire is rolled out between intermediate posts to help support and tension the chainwire between all posts if no top or bottom rail is installed. Wire can also be used in rural fencing to contain cattle, sheep or other animals.
  • Tie Wire: Tie wire is also known as lacing wire, and is used in chainwire fencing to lace the chainwire to the steel posts or plain or helicoil support cables. Fencescape sells 1.57mm diameter tie wire in 250m or 500m rolls.
  • Plain Wire: Galvanised plain wire, also known as cable wire, is available 3.15mm diameter and comes in 400m or 750m rolls.
  • Helicoil: Helicoil wire is strained taut and runs between all posts to help support and tension the chainwire. Common practice is to install 3 horizontal rows of helicoil, one at the bottom of the fence, one at the top of the fence and one in the middle. The helicoil wire is 4.00mm in diameter and comes in 250m rolls.
  • Barbwire: Barbed wire is used when extra security is required. Typically there are three rows of barbed wire strained taut above the chainwire. Fencescape stock 1.57 high tensile barbwire in 500m rolls.


Is it easy to install?

Chainwire fencing requires a bit of know-how and practice. It is possible to do-it-yourself however if you’re just starting out, we’d recommend looking at our aluminium fencing range which is straightforward and simple to install.

Do you have other colours available?

Yes, many of our standard wire fencing supplies also come in black. We have limited stock in dark green, however, please do get in contact if you would like to order this or any other custom wire rolls and we’ll do our best to get them in for you!


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