Commercial Fencing at Curtis Island, Gladstone

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Gladstone Chainwire at terminal

Commercial Fencing at Curtis Island, Gladstone

Contracted by: McKosker Contracting with a fencing project value of $1 Million

Curtis Island coal loading facility fencing

With the huge mining and liquefied natural gas developments happening in the area, Curtis Island required a lot of heavy duty high security fencing. Fencescape Fencing Gladstone constructed the fences out of galvanised chainwire and were constructed primarily to enforce high security.

McCOSKER Contracting PTY LTD
Gladstone Chainwire at terminal

Gladstone Commercial Fencing

Do you have an upcoming commercial fencing project that needs to be built in Gladstone? Fencescape Fencing has built several large commercial fences and gates in this area. Contact Fencescape Fencing today for more information or view all of our commercial fencing projects portfolio to see more.

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